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iPhone365 - take II

iPhone365 nr 1

I have decided to start a second iPhone365. I have been thinking for some time now about wanting to do another daily project or a weekly or themed project. Came up with various plans and ideas but in the end I decided it would be best not to make it too difficult if I really wanted to keep this up for another year. So I chose the iPhone as a camera again, the format black and white squares. I will try to strive for quality as much as possible, I won't be trying to upload each and every day.

Photo 1- the meter measures absolute darkness, which is where I felt I was, being unfocussed and all. Day one and it points to 1. It's also referring to the last photo of my previous project and if you look closely you can see that photo here too.

iPhone365 nr 2

Photo 2 was the image I saw as soon as I walked into a certain basement that day. As soon as I saw it I had one of those oh! moments where I just had to snap it immediately. Less thought out, more feeling, this one.