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For a long time now I have been thinking about making a new darkroom. It would be quite the project though; our house doesn't have a practical space to make one. We would really have to build something to make a light-tight space. Besides this, I had already thrown out all my darkroom stuff years ago, so I'd have to start from scratch.But, the idea remained and grew stronger..

At this very moment, a door is being fixed; the walls have been built and placed already. It won't be long now. I can't wait.

Polaroids, the first one: original Polaroid film, TZ-Artistic, expired; I opened it up to stop the development and you can see some damage in the emulsion from this. Second and third photos: Impossible film, PX70 ff; old film as well actually; first generation (first flush) color film for the SX-70.

amaloco, ilford chemie, schalen

Amaloco & Ilford chemicals, trays, development tank

durst spoelbak

Durst sink

kaiser vpm6005

Kaiser enlarger