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daily project

#4 bath

I started a 365 project in 2009, without even thinking about it. I took an iPhone photo a day for one year. When the project ended, I started something new; but without any outside pressure, my work on that project quickly stopped- as soon as I got too busy with other things. So, in 2011, 8 months after I finished the first 365 project, I started with a new iPhone365 project. I missed the constant flow and pressure, even though they drove me nuts at times as well. This time I chose to be strict about the photos; I chose a few themes and a consequent look.

I finished that second iPhone365 in january of 2012, and another 8 months afterwards I thought about what these projects had done for me.

In the first project I intended to reset myself; to experiment again, to really focus on the image rather than the technical aspects of the camera. Somewhere along the way I started taking street photos. First with the iPhone, then with my 'normal' camera. The first project really helped me refocus, reset, so to say, and brought me a new subject; street photography.

When I started my second 365, I planned to take as many portraits as possible- a challenge for me as I was pretty much not a portrait photographer at the time. Whenever I met with someone I asked them if I could take their portrait. This included the dentist, another health care specialist and some of my clients. To my surprise every single one of them said yes. Apparently size does matter. If I didn't take a street photo or a portrait, it had to at least be an image that represented my day. I am actually focussing on portrait photography a lot more since I started that second 365.

That '8 months after the end of my second 365' retrospect is now. Apparently that's the amount of "free time" I get before I become restless and feel like I need a new project.. So, I started a new project. I like to draw and I have many ideas for other projects but usually those ideas just exist in my head (or they are forgotten scratches in a notebook, or they just disappear altogether) and I don't draw often enough to be able to refine that skill. So, this new project will focus on drawings and other things; on creating something on a daily basis.

#7 somewhere

Interested in those creations? Check for the daily stuff, or for drawings only. I am still a photographer and I don't have a particular style in drawing, so don't take it too seriously, I won't either. Except for the part where I have to create something every day, of course.