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bookstore girl

Update: I actually won this contest! Thanks, Thre3d!

When I read about the RepYourCity3D contest, I had to make something. Not because I wanted to win the contest- I don't think I ever even entered a creative one before (mostly because nowadays photography contests usually are just another way for businesses to get free pictures.. and they usually aren't challenging in any way)- but because it was just the perfect opportunity to make something really fun that I had in mind and that would fit the contest so well.
So I took a bit of time out of my hectic pre-almost-there-exhibition schedule and made this, kind of last-minute. Sometimes these challenges really are worth your time. I don't think I would have made it if it wasn't for that contest.
My entry on

Click on the image to enlarge- if you look closely you can see the girl sitting on the black metal frame in front of the left window, a bit to the right from the middle of the frame.

I decided to use this 3D print in my exhibition because it actually fits one of the spaces much better than the print I had planned for it at first, so you can see it at Architectuurcentrum Rondeel at the moment. She might travel for a bit after that or find herself a more permanent spot somewhere, who knows..

I'll post more info about the exhibition really soon, I'm still working non-stop to get everything done. In the meantime, if you can read Dutch, check out the 3DEE page and send in your ideas for one of the spaces in my exhibition. If it's a good one, I might just print it- and then you can have it after the exhibition wraps up. If you can't read Dutch but would like to know more, let me know; in that case, I might translate the page when I get the chance.

Antiquarian bookstore in Deventer with the bookstore girl

Bookstore girl 3D print

(Click to enlarge)

Bookstore girl, quick iPhone snapshot, before I took her on her city trip