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For a long time now I have been thinking about making a new darkroom. It would be quite the project though; our house doesn't have a practical space to make one. We would really have to build something to make a light-tight space. Besides this, I had already thrown out all my darkroom stuff years ago, so I'd have to start from scratch.But, the idea remained and grew stronger..

At this very moment, a door is being fixed; the walls have been built and placed already. It won't be long now. I can't wait.

Polaroids, the first one: original Polaroid film, TZ-Artistic, expired; I opened it up to stop the development and you can see some damage in the emulsion from this. Second and third photos: Impossible film, PX70 ff; old film as well actually; first generation (first flush) color film for the SX-70.

amaloco, ilford chemie, schalen

Amaloco & Ilford chemicals, trays, development tank

durst spoelbak

Durst sink

kaiser vpm6005

Kaiser enlarger

Kunstfietsroute at IJsbaan de Bosbaan

The kunstfietsroute event is over! If you've missed it, here are some (analog) shots of my work on location as well as work by Paul de Kort- in the water.The work I made is now visible in the people gallery.

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan werk valerie ardini

Two of my photos outside

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan werk valerie ardini

Photos inside

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan

IJsbaan de Bosbaan

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan werk paul de kort

'Aggregates' by Paul de Kort

art project kunstfietsroute

All the work is done.. come and take a look!June 8th, 9th and 10th, more information:

valerie retoucheert foto

My work will be exhibited at location 8, IJsbaan de Bosbaan, Okkenbroek.

(image above: the final touches- I am retouching one of my- analog, thus the physical brush- prints.)

nico at the impossible factory outlet

nico, impossible factory outlet store

The Impossible Project'sfactory outlet store (in Enschede, the Netherlands) has been open for a while now (on fridays from 11 am - 4 pm), but I hadn't paid them a visit yet, until today. It's a tiny store selling polaroid cameras, new Impossible film packs, buttons and photo frames. The perfect opportunity to test the new PX 680 film (that I received yesterday) and to buy a few packs of PX black frame film of course.

I took this shot without using the flash (if I'm not mistaken the store was lit by fluorescent light) and I kept it covered for at least 5 minutes. It's 'unedited'. Impossible's new colour film is a colour film indeed! It's exciting to see how far they've come.

Tomorrow should be a sunny day- hopefully I'll be able to test this film a little more then. I'm looking forward to it!