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I saw this at the second hand store here. A fifties speaker. It has a few scratches and smudges but it looks fine mostly. Best of all: it has quite a lot of space inside.. so I decided we just had to buy it so we could put our Raspberry Pi inside and transform it into a music box.

We're both quite busy at the moment so it'll probably take a while, but I can't wait to get this thing working. Which means.. I'll need to buy a second Pi at some point because obviously I had other plans for it initially :)

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street photography - on rules and etiquette

straatfotografie over gedrag en wat er mag

I bought this book at SHOOT Amsterdam yesterday (€15 at photoq - it's in Dutch and the rules apply to The Netherlands specifically). I had read up on most of the subjects by now, but not all of them. It's a great little book, pocket sized; a must-have for the Dutch street photographer- or for street photographers visiting the Netherlands (assuming you'll be able to read a bit of Dutch).