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Last thursday I was walking around with my camera for some street photography when I met Abdullah, a refugee who has been living here for 2 months, who was enjoying the view on the IJssel. He asked if I could take a photo of him with his phone (..)

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Yet another 365/ daily project

Yes, really. I decided it was about time I started another one (it's been a while since the last one ended and I was able to ignore the part of my brain that says 'don't you remember how stressful these projects are?'). It will be my fourth daily project and my third daily photo project.

I won't go into detail this time, I think if you dig deep enough you'll find my blog posts on the subject and I wrote a bit about it on the blog I'll be using for the project as well.

So here it is:
If you're on tumblr, you can find and follow me there: valerie-ardini


..and of course, if we'll be meeting each other soon, you now know you'll be one of my subjects- so be prepared!

Radioprogramma Business Actueel

I attended a local- hence this rather short English and longer Dutch text- radio show hosting entrepeneurs last monday. They talked about the necessity of having a website nowadays (yes, you still need one, a facebook page won't do!) Pictures of the host(ess) and one of the guests.

Op maandag 20 januari presenteerde Miranda Apeldoorn van ZinVol haar eerste 'Business Actueel'; een programma op de Deventer Radio met en voor zelfstandige ondernemers. Miranda bespreekt hierin recente trends en ontwikkelingen op (zzp) ondernemersgebied. Edwin de Kuiper van STIJLAPART en Randy Gasper van The Content Guys praatten als eerste gasten over de stelling "Een website: heb je die eigenlijk nog nodig als ondernemer of kun je tegenwoordig juist weer zonder?"
Ik was aanwezig als (voornamelijk stil) publiek en maakte een paar foto's.

Miranda Apeldoorn - ZinVol

Randy Gasper - The Content Guys

De heren waren het over het algemeen behoorlijk eens; een website is nog steeds nodig en kan niet worden vervangen door social media. 

Gelukkig maar.

Gemist? De volgende uitzending is op 17 februari, tussen 12.00 en 13.00 uur.

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nico at the impossible factory outlet

nico, impossible factory outlet store

The Impossible Project'sfactory outlet store (in Enschede, the Netherlands) has been open for a while now (on fridays from 11 am - 4 pm), but I hadn't paid them a visit yet, until today. It's a tiny store selling polaroid cameras, new Impossible film packs, buttons and photo frames. The perfect opportunity to test the new PX 680 film (that I received yesterday) and to buy a few packs of PX black frame film of course.

I took this shot without using the flash (if I'm not mistaken the store was lit by fluorescent light) and I kept it covered for at least 5 minutes. It's 'unedited'. Impossible's new colour film is a colour film indeed! It's exciting to see how far they've come.

Tomorrow should be a sunny day- hopefully I'll be able to test this film a little more then. I'm looking forward to it!