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N.a.v. het 20-jarig bestaan van het Rondeel dit jaar zijn een aantal beeldend kunstenaars en architecten benaderd voor een samenwerkingsproject, met als uiteindelijk doel het aanbieden van een geschenk aan Deventer. De afgelopen 2 maanden hebben architect Tjeerd Hermsen en ik hard aan een concept voor de Prins Bernhardsluis in Deventer gewerkt. (..)

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Maak Festival Groningen - foto's

Het Maak Festival met << Ruim•te, de (v) op reis >> is alweer achter de rug en het was super. Veel mensen gezien en gesproken; op de zaterdagavond leuke gesprekken met andere makers, op de zondag met vele bezoekers.

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Yet another 365/ daily project

Yes, really. I decided it was about time I started another one (it's been a while since the last one ended and I was able to ignore the part of my brain that says 'don't you remember how stressful these projects are?'). It will be my fourth daily project and my third daily photo project.

I won't go into detail this time, I think if you dig deep enough you'll find my blog posts on the subject and I wrote a bit about it on the blog I'll be using for the project as well.

So here it is:
If you're on tumblr, you can find and follow me there: valerie-ardini


..and of course, if we'll be meeting each other soon, you now know you'll be one of my subjects- so be prepared!


I saw this at the second hand store here. A fifties speaker. It has a few scratches and smudges but it looks fine mostly. Best of all: it has quite a lot of space inside.. so I decided we just had to buy it so we could put our Raspberry Pi inside and transform it into a music box.

We're both quite busy at the moment so it'll probably take a while, but I can't wait to get this thing working. Which means.. I'll need to buy a second Pi at some point because obviously I had other plans for it initially :)

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