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Stadhuis Deventer

Het is alweer even geleden dat ik wat op mijn blog plaatste. Het is ook al een tijd geleden dat ik het nieuwe stadhuis van Deventer tijdens een rondleiding mocht bewonderen en tussendoor deze foto's maakte (..)

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laser cut model - exhibition at Rondeel

Everyone talks about 3D printing scale models of architectural plans, but I think a combination of both laser cutting and 3D printing parts is a more feasible approach. We laser cut the model of this building and then I drew and printed the columns, desk, table, spaces and tiny human figures. (..)

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Tentoonstelling Ruimte: afgelopen

De tentoonstelling Ruim•te (de, v) is na bijna 2 maanden dan toch echt afgelopen! Er zijn uiteindelijk 5 uitwerkbare ideeën ingezonden. Iets minder inzendingen dan waar ik op had gehoopt, maar wel hele leuke inzendingen die ik met plezier (en soms met wat moeite en gepriegel) heb uitgewerkt, geprint (en vaak ook gelijmd). Heel veel dank aan Rob, Elko, Bianca, Kor en Janleo. (..)

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Drents Museum

When I visited the Drents Museum I was expecting to see the new wing (and take a few pictures of it, of course). Unfortunately they were still working on the new exhibition at the time, so I had to be content with looking at a small part of the new wing and visiting the old part of the museum.

The old wing is definitely very beautiful as well. I'll go back for the new wing later this year.

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We visited the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam) today. I was particularly impressed with Kudo Tetsumi's work ('Cultivation by Radio-activity in the Electronic Circuit'), Yayoi Kusama's boat sculpture ('Aggregation') and with the sound installation in this staircase- which you really need to go and experience for yourself, so I'm only showing you a picture of the staircase.

~I have to admit- I don't remember the name of the artist, if it was in fact stated anywhere. I found two different blogs attributing it to two different artists, so I decided not to add to the confusion as well.

stairs to..


When Google acquired Nik Software (the makers of the Viveza and Silver Efex plugins) last year I was a bit sceptical. There have been many initiatives and startups that have died a premature death through take-overs by big companies, so I didn't feel entirely confident about Nik staying around. However, today Google reaffirmed their commitment to the software and announced a big price reduction for the entire collection. Lucky me: I didn't buy all the plugins but because I was an existing customer I was now able to download the rest for free.

This photo is from my 50 meters series- unpublished until now- and is edited with one of the nik plugins, in case you were wondering why I combined this text with this image..