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work- in progress

I am working on my upcoming exhibition and if you've seen my latest blogs and tweets, you might have guessed it; I won't be showing photos this time. The initial plan for this exhibition was a photography project, but about two weeks ago I put all the work I had already done aside and decided to go for something entirely different. So, as usual right before any exhibition, I'm working day and night to get everything done.


The exhibition will focus on how we experience buildings, spaces; these are a few parts I'll be using

When I discovered the potential of using a 3D printer for my art work I was hooked and when I decided to do an entirely different project using 3D prints I immediately bought an Ultimaker Original. About two weeks before my deadline- a little crazy, I admit, but a challenge is what makes life and work exciting and if I like doing something I don't mind spending day and night on it.

You can buy this 3D printer assembled, or as a kit. I went for the kit and built the printer myself (Elko helped of course). If you're patient and good at building and tinkering, I highly recommend it, because you will know the printer and it's parts inside out, which helps you in understanding how it all works exactly and how to replace or fix something if need be.
I really wouldn't go for it if you won't like working on this machine for hours and hours though. We spent roughly 14 hours on it (we made a timelapse of the process, but I haven't gotten around to editing it into a nice little video I can upload- when or if I do, I'll post the link here) so it's not like assembling something from ikea.

So far my results with the Ultimaker original have been very satisfying- the occasional hiccup aside. I wrote a bit about the difficulties of 3D printing in my previous blog and I might write a few more blogs that will focus on the technical aspects, but for now I'll stick to showing you a sneak preview of parts of the exhibition.

The standing doll is 9 cm high so these parts are very small. The drawings of the dolls were made in 123dcreature on the iPad, then prepared for printing using programs like meshlabtinkercad and cura. I made the drawings of the objects in tinkercad.

If you're in or near Deventer in the coming weeks, be sure to check back for more details on the exhibition. More info coming soon!



I saw this at the second hand store here. A fifties speaker. It has a few scratches and smudges but it looks fine mostly. Best of all: it has quite a lot of space inside.. so I decided we just had to buy it so we could put our Raspberry Pi inside and transform it into a music box.

We're both quite busy at the moment so it'll probably take a while, but I can't wait to get this thing working. Which means.. I'll need to buy a second Pi at some point because obviously I had other plans for it initially :)

(click to enlarge / fit screen)

rondeel 'goud in handen'

For the exhibition 'Goud in handen' ('goud' means 'gold', 'handen' means 'hands') at Architecture Centre Rondeel (Deventer) I made a small series of photos of historic buildings with renovated shop exteriors.

(click to enlarge)

stairs to..


When Google acquired Nik Software (the makers of the Viveza and Silver Efex plugins) last year I was a bit sceptical. There have been many initiatives and startups that have died a premature death through take-overs by big companies, so I didn't feel entirely confident about Nik staying around. However, today Google reaffirmed their commitment to the software and announced a big price reduction for the entire collection. Lucky me: I didn't buy all the plugins but because I was an existing customer I was now able to download the rest for free.

This photo is from my 50 meters series- unpublished until now- and is edited with one of the nik plugins, in case you were wondering why I combined this text with this image..

daily project

#4 bath

I started a 365 project in 2009, without even thinking about it. I took an iPhone photo a day for one year. When the project ended, I started something new; but without any outside pressure, my work on that project quickly stopped- as soon as I got too busy with other things. So, in 2011, 8 months after I finished the first 365 project, I started with a new iPhone365 project. I missed the constant flow and pressure, even though they drove me nuts at times as well. This time I chose to be strict about the photos; I chose a few themes and a consequent look.

I finished that second iPhone365 in january of 2012, and another 8 months afterwards I thought about what these projects had done for me.

In the first project I intended to reset myself; to experiment again, to really focus on the image rather than the technical aspects of the camera. Somewhere along the way I started taking street photos. First with the iPhone, then with my 'normal' camera. The first project really helped me refocus, reset, so to say, and brought me a new subject; street photography.

When I started my second 365, I planned to take as many portraits as possible- a challenge for me as I was pretty much not a portrait photographer at the time. Whenever I met with someone I asked them if I could take their portrait. This included the dentist, another health care specialist and some of my clients. To my surprise every single one of them said yes. Apparently size does matter. If I didn't take a street photo or a portrait, it had to at least be an image that represented my day. I am actually focussing on portrait photography a lot more since I started that second 365.

That '8 months after the end of my second 365' retrospect is now. Apparently that's the amount of "free time" I get before I become restless and feel like I need a new project.. So, I started a new project. I like to draw and I have many ideas for other projects but usually those ideas just exist in my head (or they are forgotten scratches in a notebook, or they just disappear altogether) and I don't draw often enough to be able to refine that skill. So, this new project will focus on drawings and other things; on creating something on a daily basis.

#7 somewhere

Interested in those creations? Check for the daily stuff, or for drawings only. I am still a photographer and I don't have a particular style in drawing, so don't take it too seriously, I won't either. Except for the part where I have to create something every day, of course.

Kunstfietsroute at IJsbaan de Bosbaan

The kunstfietsroute event is over! If you've missed it, here are some (analog) shots of my work on location as well as work by Paul de Kort- in the water.The work I made is now visible in the people gallery.

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan werk valerie ardini

Two of my photos outside

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan werk valerie ardini

Photos inside

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan

IJsbaan de Bosbaan

kunstfietsroute ijsbaan de bosbaan werk paul de kort

'Aggregates' by Paul de Kort

art project kunstfietsroute

All the work is done.. come and take a look!June 8th, 9th and 10th, more information:

valerie retoucheert foto

My work will be exhibited at location 8, IJsbaan de Bosbaan, Okkenbroek.

(image above: the final touches- I am retouching one of my- analog, thus the physical brush- prints.)

Kunstfietsroute Okkenbroek 2012: art, theater and music

On june 8th, 9th and 10th the 'Kunstfietsroute Okkenbroek 2012'- a cycling route with various locations with art, theater and music- takes place. I will exhibit work here as well. You are hereby cordially invited! For more info, check this website: (the website is Dutch, though)


Diekerhookse Mölle 'de Hegeman' (1 of the locations)


valerie ardini - odapark - 50m

From march 4th - may 1st I will be participating in the exhibition 'Love the one you're with at Odapark, Venray.

Participating artists: Valerie Ardini (NL) / Daniel Berman (CA) / Ton Ensing (NL) / Bryce Fauble (UK) / Souichi Furusho (JP) / Dixon Hamby (PA) / Robert-Paul Jansen (NL) / Steve John (UK) / Greg Louderman (US) / Jordi V. Pou (ES) / Stephanie C. Roberts (US) / Andy Royston (US) / Jesse Wright (US)

iPhone365 - take II

iPhone365 nr 1

I have decided to start a second iPhone365. I have been thinking for some time now about wanting to do another daily project or a weekly or themed project. Came up with various plans and ideas but in the end I decided it would be best not to make it too difficult if I really wanted to keep this up for another year. So I chose the iPhone as a camera again, the format black and white squares. I will try to strive for quality as much as possible, I won't be trying to upload each and every day.

Photo 1- the meter measures absolute darkness, which is where I felt I was, being unfocussed and all. Day one and it points to 1. It's also referring to the last photo of my previous project and if you look closely you can see that photo here too.

iPhone365 nr 2

Photo 2 was the image I saw as soon as I walked into a certain basement that day. As soon as I saw it I had one of those oh! moments where I just had to snap it immediately. Less thought out, more feeling, this one.