cookies and privacy

Privacy online is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to maintain. I do not support tracking people from site to site, following their every move, storing revealing metadata, selling it.

While I'd love to see how many people visit my site, which pages they actually click on and if they get here through search terms I'd never have thought of myself, I am not running analytics tools on this website apart from the one built-in by Squarespace (which is basically the site-builder I'm using- and I can't turn those analytics off). So, yes, you just got another stack of cookies but no, I am not bombarding you with every cookie possible.

My website uses Typekit, which offers nice web fonts.. but is also owned by Adobe. If you block the typekit cookie (and I certainly won't hold it against you), chances are my site looks a bit like it was made in the nineties. Horrible thing to swallow for an artist, but I will leave that up to you. Yes, I'm ok with that being out of my hands. (ok, I admit, it hurts a little)
Also, if you visit my blog, you might encounter some stuff from twitter and instagram. I am keeping it there for now.


So, while I've tried to do my part by keeping cookies somewhat to a minimum, the rest is up to you!


Use Firefox with add-ons like Self-destructing cookies & Privacy Badger (you will have to check those settings, disable the pop-up messages from Self-destructing cookies to avoid madness, whitelist some sites and you will need to block a lot of stuff yourself in Privacy Badger!) Private browsing does not mean tracker-free browsing. There's a bit more to it as the nice people from Mozilla have explained somewhere.

On a smartphone? Firefox focus to the rescue.
Delete your cookies (and history) from time to time. iPhone? Reset your advertising identifier and limit ad tracking- this is for in-app ads.

Update! Update! Keep updating!


Happy browsing :)